Rock Valley welcomes new business and industry. With new and expanding industries, increased job opportunities, new home construction and space available in our industrial business park, Rock Valley continues to grow. We invite you to take part of this exciting time. Below are some incentives that may be available to your company:


City of Rock Valley / Sioux County Tax Abatement
– A local 5 year tax abatement program allows industries a 75% to 15% property tax reduction on new construction.


Tax Increment Financing (TIF)
– The City of Rock Valley offers this incentive to assist companies in the purchase of property, development & building costs. This helps to aide in the initial startup costs on our fully developed commercial and industrial business parks.
City of Rock Valley TIF Application


Rock Valley Economic Development Revolving Loan Fund
– RVEDC Loan Fund is a local revolving loan fund that has been a very successful incentive. This fund is available to expanding and business start-ups at interest rates at or below prime.
RVEDC RLF Application & Information


Sioux County Loan Fund
– Sioux County, Iowa offers low interest loans to new and expanding industry. Up to $10,000 per job created available at interest rates well below prime.


Siouxland Economic Development Corp (Siouxland edc. Com)
– Available to expanding and new companies in the Northwest Iowa Development region. This fund can be combined with the County and Local Revolving Loan Funds.
Siouxland Economic Development Corp


Local Utility Incentives
– MidAmerican Energy Company and Northwest REC offer a variety of incentives to new industries. Industrial utility rates are well below the national average and special rates can be negotiated. Incentives for energy efficiency are also available.


Value-Added Agricultural Products and Financial Assistance
– State of Iowa program provides financial assistance to new and existing companies who utilize agricultural commodities to create new, higher-value products or produce renewable fuels and by-products.


High Quality Jobs Program
– State of Iowa program to encourage expansion of existing industry, also for new and relocated industries in Iowa. It provides forgivable and low interest loans to companies that create new quality jobs in Iowa. The State of Iowa also provides a variety of incentives including; tax credits, sales tax refunds and more.


Job Training Assistance
– State of Iowa program available to assist industries in training new employees, as well as retraining existing employees. This program provides employers a grant for job training that are administrated locally in partnership with our local community college. Our role is to connect and assist companies to secure this assistance.


Rock Valley Store Front Grant
Grants are available from the City of Rock Valley to update the downtown retail & commercial buildings. The goal of this program is to enhance the downtown area and preserve the viability of the downtown business district. The Grants are available for the following enhancements: new construction, exterior repair and/or improvements, sidewalk repair and/or improvements, general esthetic improvements to building exterior.
City of Rock Valley Storefront Grant Application